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Obama Sets A Speed Record

June 30th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Economy

I like to go fast, but this is absolutely terrifying stuff…

This video tries to answer those questions by looking at the debt as a road trip and seeing how fast different administrations have been traveling.

Pretty clear that Obama and his Democrat congress are heading for a wreck.

Keeps Getting Worse – Billy May Dead

June 28th, 2009 | 2 Comments | Posted in Economy

Billy May's Here - #61

Fox: Television pitchman Billy Mays — who built his fame by appearing on commercials and infomercials promoting household products and gadgets — died Sunday, FOX News confirms.

Mays was found unresponsive by his wife inside his Tampa, Fla., home at 7:45 a.m. on Sunday, according to the Tampa Police Department.

Police said there were no signs of forced entry to May’s residence and foul play is not suspected. Authorities said an autopsy should be complete by Monday afternoon.

Mays, 50, was on board a US Airways flight that blew out its front tires as it landed at a Tampa airport on Saturday, MyFOXTampa.com reported.

US Airways spokesman Jim Olson said that none of the 138 passengers and five crew members were injured in the incident, but several passengers reported having bumps and bruises, according to the station.

Authorities have not said whether Mays’ death was related to the incident.

“Although Billy lived a public life, we don’t anticipate making any public statements over the next couple of days. Our family asks that you respect our privacy during these difficult times,” Mays wife, Deborah, said in a statement on Sunday.

America’s GDP just took another hit. He was the same age as Michael Jackson.

Creative Commons License photo credit: leetlegreenman

They Come in Threes – Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett

June 25th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Oddities

Michael jackson Farrah Fawcett

Michael Jackson is no more: Reports say the legendary pop singer Michael Jackson suffered cardiac arrest at his home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Holmby Hills and was not breathing and had no pulse when paramedics arrived after a 911 call around 12:26 p.m. PT. They administered CPR in the ambulance but were unable to revive him. At the hospital, staff attempted to resuscitate Jackson, but he was unresponsive.

And Farrah Fawcett died this morning at a Santa Monica hospital.

Fawcett separated herself from her bathing-beauty persona with highly charged, critically acclaimed performances. She received three Emmy noms and six Golden Globe nods and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award as best supporting female for “The Apostle” (1997). Fawcett discovered she had anal cancer in 2006 and a year later was diagnosed with a malignant rectal polyp. Last month, she narrated and shot using her camcorder “Farrah’s Story,” which looked at her 2 1/2-year battle with cancer.

All died in California… and I’m still in Laguna – hope this ends the spree.

I was just getting over Ed McMahon’s death. California is some world of hurt this week.

Here’s goodbye song from Michael when he was good…

All the latest on Michael’s death.. I’m sure the story will be interesting.

Breaking: Neverland Ranch Investigators Discover Corpse Of Real Michael Jackson

Plus: LOS ANGELES, June 25 (UPI) — Jeff Goldblum‘s publicist said the U.S. actor has not died in New Zealand, contrary to Internet reports claiming he has.

Late-Night Technology Look Back

June 24th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Tech Goodies

The Internet As Seen In 1969

Plus The French View Of The Internet: 1969

Is Our Beloved David Suzuki Still A Eugenicist?

June 24th, 2009 | 11 Comments | Posted in environment

David Suzuki: Humans are Maggots Living in Their Own Defecation

Our American friends are slowly discovering our legendary David Suzuki, and it’s funny how they can see through him.

Canadian’s have been subjected to his message for generations and a good percentage see him as a enviro-leader. Think again.

This video was made the same time Alberta killed the Alberta Eugenics Board.

In this 1972 video, radical environmentalist David Suzuki, who demands “Sustainability within a Generation” (a code word for depopulation and a New Dark Age), compares humanity to maggots.

It should be noted that the David Suzuki Foundation takes money from Bell Canada, Toyota, IBM, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Microsoft, Scotia Capital, Warner Brothers, RBC, Canon and Bank of Montreal, thus exposing the NGO for what it is — another feel-good front for transnational corporations and bankers.

Microsoft’s former CEO, Bill Gates, is a notorious eugenicist.

One of the goals of the enviro-mental movement has been to cheapen the value of human life in people’s minds, making people feel guilty for their existence on this planet. This ties in with the emerging New Age religion of Gaia worship, which places the value of nature above all else, including human life.

This makes sense once you realize that the people behind this anti-human propaganda, which Suzuki is merely a mouthpiece for, want to cull 80-90% of the world’s population to make way for the coming New Age and a world utopia of the chosen few.

The mantra of radical environmentalists is that humans are parasites, as seen in this clip of an unwashed David Suzuki comparing humans to fruit flies and maggots.

David Suzuki is an environmental activist who is big especially up in Canada, and has for years been preaching about how humans are a cancer to the earth.

Barney Frank Performs A Disco Classic

June 24th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Oddities

He’s a better singer than a politician…

“Banking Queen” – a Live Performance by Barney Frank

Bonus: Send In The Clowns…

Who’s Harsher With Twitter and Facebook – AP or Iran?

June 24th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Tech Goodies

The Associated Press

AP Issues Strict Facebook, Twitter Guidelines to Staff

The Associated Press is adopting a stringent social-networking policy for its employees, informing them to police their Facebook profiles “to make sure material posted by others doesn’t violate AP standards.”

The policy (.pdf) comes weeks after an AP reporter was reprimanded for posting a comment to his own Facebook profile criticizing the Sacramento-based newspaper chain McClatchy, whose stock has become nearly worthless after a string of costly acquisitions.

I am unaware of anything else like that,” Tony Winton, the guild’s president, said in a telephone interview. “Parts of the policy seem to be snuffing out peoples’ First Amendment rights of expression by a company that wraps itself in the First Amendment.”

Reporters for The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, for example, have been told not to”friend” confidential sources, Editor & Publisher columnist Joe Strupp wrote this month. Reporters at the New York Times are urged to show “common-sense.” Other publishers,  have no formal policy.

The AP’s new guidelines say employees should avoid including political affiliations in their profiles “and stay clear of making any postings that express political views or take stands on contentious issues.” Stating the obvious, Gazlay’s memo adds, “virtually nothing is truly private on the internet.”

But the most contentious element in the new policy, which the union also decried as “vague,” gives this instruction to employees using Facebook: “Monitor your profile page to make sure material posted by others doesn’t violate AP standards: any such material should be deleted.”

“That’s the part that makes us cringe,” Winton said, adding that the union is “reviewing it with legal counsel.”

Thinking about it, maybe they should ban AP from both networks. I was amazed that they had any “friends”.

Enjoying California This Week

June 21st, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Taxes

California in June is the best time to be here – other than going broke, everything here is at its summer’s best.

Can’t really feel the collapse that is here, but I am seeing empty malls, and finding it easy to get into great restaurants.

Here’s how California and Arnold drove the state into collapse…

It turns out there’s a force in California politics that’s much more powerful than the Governator: a culture of spending pushed by public-employee unions, money-grubbing corporate-welfare cases, and more.

Sadly, California and Schwarzenegger are hardly alone in spending well beyond their means. As many as 40 states face whopping deficits that are only going to get worse as the recession continues.

If country-wide trends do start in California, Rep. McClintock worries about what’s in store for our nation. “As high taxes, high borrowing and high spending destroy Californias economy, Californians are moving to those 49 other states. If we allow the same policies to destroy our country where are we going to go?”

“Hasta La Vista, Arnold” is written and produced by Ted Balaker. Director of Photography is Alex Manning and Associate Producer is Paul Detrick.

Thursday Funny – Don’t Honk At Old People

June 18th, 2009 | 1 Comment | Posted in Oddities

She gets him good…