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And, Vancouver Bans…

May 23rd, 2011 Posted in All about Vancouver

We love banning things here.

If you can suggest it, we’ll ban it.

What NOT to do in Vancouver…
Vancouver bans smoking in parks – British Columbia – CBC News
Coquitlam bans smoking in parks
Vancouver bans smoking in public outdoors

Metro Vancouver bans evening-time lawn sprinkling
Vancouver bans idling
Vancouver Bans Disposal of Paper Products
Kitchen scraps to be banned from trash across Metro Vancouver
Vancouver bans thunder sticks
Vancouver Bans Pet Store Sales of Puppies
Vancouver bans only loud, lightless fireworks
Metro Vancouver bans tires from landfills
Vancouver bans bottled water on city property
Vancouver BC, Canada passes helmet law
Coquitlam lauds BC pesticide ban
BC bans incandescent light bulbs
(Consumers hoard light bulbs amid B.C. ban)

B.C. officially bans B.C. bans minors from tanning beds
BC Bans Use of Phallometric Assessment in Young Offenders
B.C. bans expiry dates on gift cards

and on and on and on…

Creative Commons License photo credit: nataliesap

6 Responses to “And, Vancouver Bans…”

  1. Mary T Says:

    When will they ban hockey playoffs.

  2. Alain Says:

    Perhaps we should seriously consider changing the name of our province from British Columbia to Northern California, because it is a toss up to determine which place has the most moonbats and the most control nazis.

  3. james Says:

    Victoria’s filled with moonbats but mercifully there’s less than Vancouver and we’ve just sent the #1 moonbat in the country to Ottawa.

  4. canadianna Says:

    Point taken, but a couple of those bans are actually good things — expiry dates on gift cards — why should companies be able to take money for nothing and put a time limit on your use of it? Tires from landfills — that’s another good one. Neither of these affects personal freedom, they affect only the way business is done which is often necessary when businesses don’t operate in the public interest or fairly.

  5. Blair Says:

    I agree about the tires, and gift cards.. but as they ban things, it gets “progressively” worse.. who would have thought that they could ban smoking outdoors a few years ago.

    The “bans” are coming faster at us, and they are more intrusive into our lives.


  6. G. McRae Says:

    The actions of those who smoke in public places are very intrusive to the non smoking majority. I am sick of protecting the rights of a fringe minority. Banning smoking at beaches is a good idea.

    To be honest, I don’t have a problem with 1/4 of that list…
    tires don’t belong in landfills. While medical insurance remains public, helmet laws are fine – why should I pay for someone’s dumb decision not to wear a helmet while riding should they get a preventable head injury? Same with the tanning beds – why should I have to pay for the complications of tanning? Can’t agree with the banning of incandescent bulbs.

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