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Businesses like this could kill our BC economy

June 7th, 2010 Posted in Economy

Medical Marijuana

California does have a new business that is exploding… They even have a “weed” map now.

Nice to see entrepreneurs capitalizing on proposition 215. Unfortunately BC will see an impact to the provincial GDP – some estimate up to 8 billion is at stake.

How long before we see ads like this in the Georgia Straight?

We are a member based organization dedicated to the safe and lawful  provision of medical cannabis to our patient members.  Ethnobotanikal collective and our patient members invoke the full legal protection of Proposition 215 and SB 420.

We believe in the lawful and therapeutic consumption of cannabis as medicine.

We believe in a “closed circuit” organization which ensures that all our products are cultivated and distributed from within our own LOCAL membership pool.

We believe in promoting the well being of our patient members and pledge that all our products have been cultivated in a manner consistent with appropriate health and safety standards, ensuring their safe and therapeutic consumption.

We believe in delivering the medicine you need, where and when you need it!  Why risk transporting your medicine when we will assume that risk for you?

One Response to “Businesses like this could kill our BC economy”

  1. old white guy Says:

    we got along without weed for thousamds of years i think we can actually get along without it now. jeez i think there was a song about that.

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