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Canadian Environmental Tax Fraud

April 25th, 2009 Posted in environment, Taxes

Carbon Tax fraud

Here’s how imposing taxes on anything under the banner of the environmentalism gets out of control.

BC has perfected the system – taxing us for throwing out a TV 10 years ahead of time (the disposal tax), a double tax on bottled water (deposit and environmental taxes), a tax on the environmentally safe replacement for Roundup, and the list goes on…

Now we see how we were duped into the continent’s first test of a carbon tax:

First, we have a tax that is revenue neutral – the Carbon Tax – sold to the people of BC by bribing them with a cheque of $100:

From the government website:

On July 1, 2008, subject to approval by the legislature, British Columbia will begin to phase in a fully revenue-neutral carbon tax with built-in protection for lower income British Columbians.

The purpose of the carbon tax is to encourage individuals and businesses to make more environmentally responsible choices, reducing their use of fossil fuels and related emissions. The tax has the advantage of providing an incentive without favouring one way to reduce emissions over another. Business and individuals can choose to avoid it by reducing usage, increasing efficiency, changing fuels, adopting new technology or any combination of these approaches.

A propoganda support site for the tax pops up…

For months we’ve been touting the British Columbia carbon tax, and for good reason. Not only is BC’s carbon tax the highest by far in North America ($10 per metric ton of CO2 this year, rising stepwise to $30 in 2012), but the rollout of the tax has seemed to be handled with great intelligence.

And now we have the mayors clamoring to get at the revenue generated

Metro Vancouver’s 21 mayors kicked a $300-million political football into the B.C. election campaign yesterday, calling for carbon-tax revenues to be put toward transit shortfalls.

“This money has already been collected and needs to be redistributed,” said Diane Watts, who chairs the Mayors Council on Regional Transportation. “We don’t need any more taxation.”

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, a former NDP MLA, praised the mayors’ decision as a “bold step.”

So, a tax that was to be revenue neutral will soon morph into a new way to fund an out of control transit system.

Keep this in mind next time your province wants to levy a tax on your behavior… BC has become the poster child for the fraud called Global Warming.

5 Responses to “Canadian Environmental Tax Fraud”

  1. Canadian Environmental Tax Fraud | The Gaia Resource Says:

    […] Read the original post: Canadian Environmental Tax Fraud […]

  2. old white guy Says:

    the level of stupidity of liberal socialists can always be depended upon.

  3. Hoarfrost Says:

    Are old TV sets piling up in rural ditches yet?

  4. Roy Says:

    so if you have a problem then vote against them there is another party out there called the B.C Coonservatives vote for them and get them into power I know I will be cause I am quite p.O. about this so called carbon tax and I was defending cambell. on other things. like I said lets do something about it. I won’t be voting B.C liberal or NDP or Green .

  5. George Says:

    This is why I go to the United States of America to purchase my Electronics,Bottled Water,Groceries & Gasoline.

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