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Glenn Beck Dares To Promote Values and God.

August 28th, 2010 Posted in activists

Glenn Beck for President

The Glenn Beck event taking place is a rally to restore Faith, Hope and Charity and have people return to God. Not a religion, but God.

Read what the press is saying and frantically trying to do to put down this racist, white, conservative, tea bagging movement.. it’s a study on how the left thinks.

At last count there are over 3,000 stories, and probably the best view of how much the left fears him, would be here. And this is from the CBC.

It’s hard to see how you could knock an event that focuses on Faith, Hope and Charity, promoting God, Honor and Integrity.

But their heads are exploding over this, and if anything, it’s fun to watch.

Not that the left is prone to judge…

From the storyline:

From the steps of the memorial, Beck told the crowd of largely Tea Party supporters that the United States has “wandered in darkness” for too long and now is the time to “concentrate on the good things in America.”

Winnipeg Free Press: A largely white and heavily patriotic crowd of flag-waving conservatives gathered at the foot of the iconic Lincoln Memorial on Saturday to hear Fox News personality Glenn Beck reassure them that America “begins today to turn back to God.

The Baltimore Sun: The brand of American history taught by Glenn Beck Saturday at his rally would not pass muster in a mediocre middle school. (that’s the problem – they’ve rewritten history).

The Guardian: Tens of thousands descended on Washington today for one of the biggest culture clashes in decades – one that pitted an almost exclusively white crowd against one that was predominantly African-American. Both claimed the legacy of Martin Luther King. (Race baiting)

Live feed here.

Google gets in the game.. switches the map for Lincoln Memorial. Forgets to do no evil.

The list goes on for pages… They are going all out on a campaign to quiet Mr. Beck, and the previously silent majority. They have avoided showing the crowds, as it looks to be far in excess of 200,000.

And the race baiting theme has found a home Canada:

Mitch Potter at the Toronto Star: Tea Party rally big on God, short on colour. By last count he wrote three articles on the event. I don’t believe he watched the event and saw that blacks were well represented as presenters, given awards, and were there in the audience. America is 79.2% white, so it’s logical that a quick scan might show a high number of “crackers”. With at least 500,000 attending, it marks one of the most successful events in recent years.

Canada needs a Glenn Beck of its own to awaken our silent majority… to counter the control left has of us.

I keep wondering when we’ll wake up to the fact that the government here taken away freedoms and raises taxes on a monthly basis, without a peep from the electorate. The impending crash and burn of the US will damage us tremendously, and most of Canadians are blissfully ignorant of what this means.

Take a look at Alberta if you want an example. How they could be underwater with $70+ oil escapes me. And they are the closest thing we have to a conservative gov’t.

When (not if), the recession turns to a”great” depression in the next few months, we’ll find ourselves unable to pay for the social programs we have in place, and the cuts will be forced on us.

Think of Canada as a business – The US is bankrupt and they are our biggest customer.

It’s our choice if we’ll react like Greece, or if we can actually find our way on our own without the Nanny state.

The values Glenn Beck is promoting will be the only way to survive the fall of our socialist system.

In case you missed this racist, political, right-wing, teabagger event: (viewer warning)

Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: Nevada Tumbleweed

3 Responses to “Glenn Beck Dares To Promote Values and God.”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Whether we need a Glenn Beck, I don’t know. What’s important is our ability to see the media messaging. Our eyes have been opened. We no longer assume their objectivity. We no longer believe they’re acting in good faith. They think we’re unenlightened and look for racism to explain every point of disagreement between us and them.

  2. TrueWest Says:

    What we witnessed today in Washington were the two America’s: those who congregated to celebrate King’s God and the race-hustlers.

  3. Jim Says:

    You so realize Glenn Beck is an entertainer who makes millions by rallying for causes he does not actually believe in right?

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