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Killing The Weeds In Vancouver

July 9th, 2008 Posted in Oddities

Looking for Luck
Creative Commons License photo credit: Artiii

For some reason Vancouver has a lot of weeds…

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and went to the #1 source of weed control, Home Depot.

After a look around, it appeared that the weed control section now has taken on the status of cigarettes in Vancouver – nowhere to be found.

After a while, I caved and asked a clerk where I could find Roundup.

First came the look – then the surprise that I didn’t know…

Roundup is banned in Vancouver.

No good reason given nor science to back it up. The lady heard a baby drank it and died.. so they decided the rest of us can’t have it.

Got over it in a few minutes, and decided to buy the “natural” weed killer. Price was reasonable… so goodbye Roundup.

(Before you come down on me, I am not planning on spraying it anywhere kids, dogs, or animals tread. It’s for my driveway)

Surprise #2:

They decided banning common herbicides wasn’t enough, that people like me should pay an environmental fee for the privilege of keeping my yard tidy. That was $1.20 – best of all, no one knows where this money goes.

After searching the web, I can’t seem to find any list of all these enviro fees I keep getting stuck with.

It seems to be either a dirty secret, or a way the cities raise money.

Can anyone enlighten me where I can find the list? Or Where the money actually goes?

3 Responses to “Killing The Weeds In Vancouver”

  1. Informer Says:

    The reason that round-up is banned is because it contains a chemical (I forget the name) that is very poisonous to pets and can get washed in to rain water… so no matter where you place it, it still may affect animals (including fish in rivers). It is banned in a lot of communities in Canada, and many others are attempting to ban it. It is not banned in the US because Monsanto has very good lobbyists and the FDA does a pretty bad job.

  2. Informer Says:

    and besides, the clovers you posted in the pic above actually look kinda nice.

  3. Robin, Florida Says:


    This does a good idea explaining exactly why Round-up is banned in some countries.

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