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Making Us Pay for the 1 Percenters

March 11th, 2013 Posted in All about Vancouver


They have it backwards… the one percenters aren’t the top, they are the stupid among us.

This weekend, one of the concerned neighbors in the area came to my door with a petition. The petition was to allow the city to add traffic calming features to our quaint little subdivision. Not that the 3 huge speed bumps they already put in are enough.

I asked “what seems to be the problem?”

And got, “there are a few people that consistently break the 30 km speed limit in the area, and we need to slow them down to make it safer for all of us.”

Maybe paying someone to sit on the street to take license numbers… then send them a letter may be more effective? At least from a cost perspective.

Which got me thinking… why do the 99% always have to pay for the stupid 1% among us?

Vancouver passes law after law to deal with these stupid people.. let’s let nature’s laws take care of them.

  • 1% drink too much – let’s tax the products to death so no one can afford to drink.
  • 1% drive bicycles like maniacs – let’s make everyone wear helmets.
  • 1% throw out too much garbage – let’s only pick up garbage once every two weeks.
  • 1% don’t know how to cross the street – let’s give pedestrians the right of way. Probably resulting in more pedestrians being killed, as now no one looks before crossing the street. And on East Hastings, Canada’s worst drug den on a major route into downtown, they dropped the speed limit to 30 km to protect heroin addicts from pretending to be deer. Add another 5 minutes to your commute.
  • It’s even illegal to operate a leaf blower without manufacturer’s decal ($250 fine)
  • Not sure who, but if you are considering it – Vancouver has a nuclear law. No Nukes allowed.
  • And don’t even think of sitting in your stopped car for more than 3 minutes – it’s illegal to leave it running.

If we passed laws under the principle that the 99% will do the right thing, we’d be able to drastically cut our nanny state down to size, and focus on creating a better, more free society. We might even lose the title of “No Fun City”.

Next time they try to pass a law for the 1%, please speak up. If 99% of us get it right, what’s the problem?

They even made a documentary on how Vancouver kills anything fun and creates unintended consequences:

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