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Give New Meaning to Idle No More.

January 21st, 2013 Posted in activists

“As B.C. readies $2.5B transfer to First Nations Health Authority, questions arise about unclear programs, missing $4M”


As the different auditors look into the programs we are handing billions over for, it only gets worse….

VANCOUVER — Health Canada insiders are raising concerns about millions of dollars in federal funds provided to a First Nations health organization that is set to take over responsibility for all aboriginal health services in British Columbia.

The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) will soon replace Health Canada in delivering aboriginal health care in B.C., an unprecedented transfer of power and money that includes $2.5-billion in government payments over the next five years.

But the FNHA has already directed millions of dollars to programs that lack clear objectives, according to Health Canada documents obtained by the National Post. Numerous financial “discrepancies” and “differences” have also been identified.

And it keeps getting worse as the article details…

And last year:

The FNHA “confirmed” it held as “surplus” $33-million in government funding meant for programs in its start-up phase, says the Health Canada report. “However, it should be noted that currently no documentation as to the reason for the surplus is on file,” it reads. “The FNHA is in the process of providing us with a surplus usage plan.”

An FNHA spokesman said in an email Monday that the organization uses a different accounting method than Health Canada, suggesting that this may have caused confusion about “surplus” funds. The FNHA expects to have only a $1.8-million surplus when its current fiscal year ends in March.

Any wonder what the different accounting system is? And how much of the money will ever actually get used for health care? 

Health Canada currently funds and delivers comprehensive health-care coverage to approximately 127,000 status Indians in B.C., (about 60,000 of whom live on reserves) including $180-million worth of annual, non-insured health benefits such as dental care, vision care, drugs, counselling and medical-related travel. Status Indians in B.C. do not pay medical premiums of any kind.

The solution is to take whatever funding we give the First Nations collectively and set minimum accountability or performance levels. If not achieved, funding is cut to match the actual monies accounted for in the past year. Unaccounted dollars are removed from the next year’s budget.

The thief’s, I mean Chiefs, would most likely take the money and run, solving the biggest issue in year one.

Or, better yet, just give each First Nation adult a cheque for their family’s share of the funds, and allow them to take responsibility for themselves. First Nations could impose an  income tax system to cover costs of education, policing and healthcare, etc. No accounting to the Canadian Governments required. These folks, as well as these, are stepping up to help them with a new form of governance.

 I would bet that “Idle no More” would quickly be synonymous with the moving vans of those fleeing corrupt reservations.

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