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The Bacon Brothers May Want To Reconsider

April 2nd, 2009 Posted in All about Vancouver

Bacon Brothers

Last week Jamie Bacon,our favorite gangster marked for assassination, complained  about more than a dozen run-ins with police since 2008. He’s complaining about being followed and detained, tickets issued for traffic violations and his BMW being towed after it was parked on the side of the road with a flat tire.

The notorious Red Scorpions gang members Jonathan and Jamie Bacon have been blessed with round-the-clock surveillance courtesy of the Municipal Integrated Emergency Response Team (MIERT) since being targeted for death last year by rival UN Gang members.

There have been almost 50 shootings in the Vancouver area this year, 18 of them fatal. The Red Scorpions are running out of members (easy targets).

In the past few days, two more of their fellow members who haven’t had the privilege of the surveillance, have been shot down.

21-year-old Sean Patrick Murphy of Mission dead in a vehicle that had run off a road. He was known to police and suspected of having ties to the Bacon gang.

19-year-old Ryan Richards of Abbotsford was also found dead in a field beside a popular produce store early Tuesday morning.

Look like the UN Gang is ahead in the body count now, and all that really is left is Bacon Brothers

Maybe the police should take Jamie Bacon’s complaint seriously and drop the 24-hour surveillance. It would save us a lot of money, and would force these losers fend for themselves. I’m willing to risk a public hit to see these guys

I wonder how long they’d last?

Time to start a countdown… Complete player profile and body count here.

Creative Commons License photo credit: image415

6 Responses to “The Bacon Brothers May Want To Reconsider”

  1. jjjj Says:

    Sounds like the gangs themselves are removing more gang members from the street than the police. What’s more is they are being removed PERMANENTLY. Good show! Keep up the good work.

  2. R. Marken Says:

    The problem is the the occasional bystander that gets caught in the crossfire. Not sure that is worth the price of extermination. I’m no fan of these folks, but do we want to risk that?


  3. dawg Says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of self-policing gangsters but as long as they shoot straight and never miss, I won’t lose any sleep.

    Tax the hell out of all of them and hold accountable all the car leasing companies, real estate agents, hydroponic stores, and everywhere else these thugs do business or generate business.

    Call the tax man on their asses quickly before they kill each other off!!

  4. dawg Says:

    Tax the hell outta them all. If the Tax Man could bring down Scarface who ran Chicago, they will destroy these punks.

    Make sure to go after the parents and relatives that were profiting too. The shared in the good times so let them get some of the bad.

  5. Gotti Says:

    I would like to reply to the retard! That figures the police should back off of the surveillance on the Bacon brothers. Qoute(I’m willing to risk a public hit) I wonder if it was his daughter or Son walking by at the time this public hit was carried out. Would he be cheering for the hit team then? What a fool. You need to stay out of the media as you can’t think past a grade 4 student. Retard.

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