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Welcome Back Khadr

September 30th, 2012 Posted in activists


They finally got their favorite terrorist back.  As he’ll be on the street in the near future,  let’s look at his loving family that will be waiting to bring him gracefully back into society.

– Dad Ahmed Said Khadr – al Qaeda financier and friend of Osama bin Laden. A founding member/financial backer of al Qaeda. Khadr was arrested in connection with the 1995 bombing of the Egyptian embassy in Pakistan, but was released a year later with the help of Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Khadr was killed in a gun battle with Pakistani forces near the Afghanistan border in 2003.

– Mom Maha Elsamnah When the Khadr family moved to Afghanistan in the 1980s, Elsamnah and her husband reportedly enrolled their sons in an al Qaeda training camp.

– Abdullah Khadr – The eldest brother – accused of running an al Qaeda training camp in the 1990s.

– Abdurahman Khadr, the second oldest Khadr son,  admitted to spending much of his childhood attending an al Qaeda training camp.

– Abdul Karim Khadr – youngest Khadr son. Paralyzed during a gun battle in Pakistan in which his father died.

The good news is when Omar gets out, house arrest will look at lot like Gitmo. Wonder when they return the favor to all the Canadians that helped bring him home.

10 Responses to “Welcome Back Khadr”

  1. Pissedoff Says:

    Thank you you terrorist lovers Harper and Toews. Will give next election a miss until we get a real conservative in charge.

  2. joe Says:

    We take Khadr, XL goes ahead. Simple.

  3. Mary T Says:

    Liberals fail to mention they were in power when Omar was arrested and jailed and did nothing until PMSH came along. So when liberals diss the treatment this terrorist got, they are also to blame.

  4. Alain Says:

    They, the Left, saw Kadhr as another occasion to attack the CPC. Kadhr, who was already caught, charged and serving his sentence while the Liberals were in power, was not even on their radar. He and his family are committed terrorists and supporters of terrorism and they are open about it. Kadhr should be tried for treason in my opinion.

  5. JohnnyD Says:

    If the government had dragged this out any longer, it could have triggered a Charter-based lawsuit with damages in the millions. There will probably be a lawsuit anyway, but the chances of success are somewhat lower. I think there was no legal way to completely frustrate Kahdr’s eventual repatriation. In my opinion Toews has done what he needs to do, especially now that it seems likely Obama will prevail in November. Let the justice system run its course. This matter is now out of the political arena and in the hands of the bureaucrats. We will see if the leopard can change its spots.

  6. WTF Says:

    Could it be, Harper sold out to Obama, in a Khadr for Keystone deal? Obama appeases his muslim brethern and Harper gets the pipeline?

  7. D Says:

    Yes, a big thank you to the low lifes on the left and canadian lawyers whose hatred of americans and conservatives is so extreme, mindless and automatic that they would side with this creep murderer simply to score political damage against the cons and americans.

  8. D Says:

    And a big thank you to the canadian SCOC and canadian lawyers who are skipping like school girls at thought of bringing embaressing the conservatives and saving an enemy of the Americans they hate so much.

    Why would you care about jailing a terrorist when you satisfy your hatred of americans and conservatives?

  9. dmorris Says:

    Omar had to come home,it’s his Charter Right!

    A Canadian university has offered L’il Omar a free education to help with his rehab,so l’il Omar will probably get a law degree,and spend his life f***ing the system from within.

    PO, next election, vote Liberal or NDP,they will make sure this type of thing never happens again!

  10. Gerald McGarrigle Says:

    I won’t be backing the CPC because of this decision to bring Khadr back to Canada.Why not let the serial killers out of prison,as theres a good chance that Khadr at only 26 yrs of age, will responsible for more killings than all the serial killers combined

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