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Windows7 Is Creating New Options For Windows Users

October 24th, 2009 Posted in Tech Goodies

Windows7 is here – and if you are going to have to wipe that disk and start over anyway, maybe you should consider an alternative?

5 Responses to “Windows7 Is Creating New Options For Windows Users”

  1. real conservative Says:

    I’ve been running Windows 7 Ultimate since July on a few of my machines and it is a hugh improvement over Vista. I expect Vista will eventually become the new XP, it will be good just about the time of its demise. Windows 7 runs fine if you do the following: avoid IE, don’t use the multi-media interface and use a memory manager. I am a power user and can be seen doing at least 6 things at once on a computer and Windows 7 works well. I have also been working with Office 2010 and so far I like it too, haven’t had much chance to test the document sharing functions for which it is primarily designed for. (real conservative)

  2. real conservative Says:

    Oh heck, forgot to mention that yes you should start with a clean disk, upgrading is not that great with Windows 7 due to some architecture changes etc. Probably fine from Vista to 7 as the two are quite similar but not so easy from XP to Windows 7.

  3. AtlanticJim Says:

    A mac?


  4. PhantomObserver Says:

    I look at it this way: Windows 7 is for people who are sick of Windows Vista’s problems, but not sick enough to blow a grand on a new Mac.

    (And I do use an iMac for my desktop, and a Vista notebook for travelling, so I know whereof I speak.)

  5. Marc Says:

    real conservative, “a memory manager”? Could you elaborate on it’s usefulness and specify the one you use. I’m about to make the jump and would like it to be as smooth as possible.


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